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Citrus Woody Fresh Spicy


No 23 Extrait De Parfum 2 ml

No 23 Extrait De Parfum 2 ml

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The attitude of woody and fresh spices is like a panther walking in your steps.


In each fragrance design of the perfumer, you actually wear the mask of the claim you want to experience at every moment. In the wonderful aroma of nature, we have mysterious transitions that affect humanity, which we sometimes even imitate. We carry the wonderful scent of musk on our bodies in the city. Or we borrow the identity of nature's predator on special nights with a leather scent mixture. Noir design fragrances take this perfect scent exchange to the top by creating the luxurious content of nature in the body.

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  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Pepper
  • pelargonium
  • Flint
  • vetiver
  • Cedar
  • patchouli
  • benzoin

It is suitable for all hours you spend in your indoor work areas and outside. It is designed for use from morning hours. You can easily adjust the number of sprayings for seasonal changes. Gift Suggestion: This is a great suggestion for your loved ones who follow daily trends, like to try different tastes and prefer to express themselves with small touches rather than changing their habits. You can offer them an experience that will make them feel special.

A woody start, create a magnificent transition scene with its cool sillage with a single spray of perfume on the back of your neck. Fresh and woody feelings boldly dress up a snobbish attitude.

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