Since ancient cultures did not believe in chance, it was very important for objects or events to be in a certain number. Thus, the numbers that emerged as a method of counting acquired a strong symbolism. Rather than being expressed in their quantity, they acquired their own unique qualities, and were even endowed with cosmic powers. In our minds, we feed lifelong stories of our body and soul, of our interaction with life, and of our existence. We live by trying to understand the many different concepts that accompany our lives. Since the discovery of numbers, we have been managing our lives with numbers, including our concept of time. Our lives continue with our commitment to the marvelous mystery of numbers such as astrology, from the art of secret correspondence to the number of hours. Well, don't you think it's exciting to code a digital language that carries an artistic secret with scent molecules? How nice would be the greeting you sent to the universe with your breeze, if you were talking about your scent after the praise you received from any person, which was designed from the secret encrypted numbers of each molecule, placed in the breeze of the perfume and which you use on your body or in your environments, floating in the endless universe. that. The coding of the scent, which emerges with the numbers of the essences determined for thousands of different molecules in our scent library to reach the desired scent message, actually creates the code number that describes its own character after the artistic scent design is finished. Enjoying the fragrant feast of the first sprayed molecules in this perfect harmony of the intertwining of the essences and the number multipliers increases our admiration for nature even more. Each area in which numbers are used is constructed in the infrastructure of mathematics. Mathematics is already in every aspect of our lives. Figures created by obtaining angles are prepared with each number representing the right angle. The coding, which consists of the character of the perfume, is a transparent language used in the interpretation of the fragrance. By observing the movements of the sun, moon, stars and planets and noticing the change of seasons, people began to have an idea about the natural rhythm of the universe over time. Most herbs are fragrant and colorful, so they create an emotional resonance. The adventure of each plant, which has its own unique scent, starting from the bud and the season transitions, which includes the process of leaving the soil up to the way of use, are examined. Planets play an important role in seasonal transitions in all living things as well as in humans. In other words, the life of each plant is different. One of the findings put forward as evidence by those who think that nature is established according to numbers is the number 0.61803, which is called the "golden-ratio", which is found in the human body, seashells, tree branches and many things in nature. According to Plato, the key to cosmic physics is the golden ratio. Physics of odors Using the mystery of numbers, that is, coding, in the naming characters of the stories formed by the correct proportion of the substances in the odors, which make one think of symbols in the breezes surrounding each molecule, preserved the character of the odor. For example, how could the mystery of numbers telling the story of a perfume coded as 1787 be created? Each planet has geographical places, colors, trees, plants, animals, smells it represents. For example, Saturn is 'smelly'. Jupiter is bright and luminous, Mars is bitter, Venus is oily and sweet... Mercury is a complex taste and colour. The Sun and the Moon are seen as two holy lights in astrology. While the Moon rules the influences from our subconscious, the Sun also shows our conscious behavior... These edible notes create a feeling of euphoria and playfulness that results in tingling in the taste buds in addition to the nostrils, thus confirming the fact that flavor is a combination of taste and smell. They allow us to see our perfume in a completely new way and are intriguing when used by a skilled perfumer who can manipulate them to create increasingly complex aromas. Some of these artistic inspirations also offer an artistic tour of history. The existence of the codes created enriches the existence of the fragrance used. When we begin to see scents accumulating many memories in our lives, we become more conscious of the dual nature of the existence that surrounds us. For example, the code number of the scent we use is a reminder of our spiritual ascent towards the truth of the scent whose story we have adopted. An attractive scent may represent a bodily attraction. A blissful jasmine breeze in its base notes can be a reminder of the purity of the plant's spirit. Remembering smells with numbers improves our harmony with the mysterious numbers of existence. It is a visual language used in the interpretation of a digital scene in scent.