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Earthy Animalic Woody White Floral


No 1717 P'ALAIS Extrait De Parfum 50Ml

No 1717 P'ALAIS Extrait De Parfum 50Ml

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The bright control of white flowers offers the first opening with its white cloak catwalking the catwalk. The breeze meeting your skin hands you a magic key. The fires gushing from innocent jasmine's eyes invite the cute side of patchouli to an impressive game. While the harmony of vetiver with delicate flowers comes to the fore in the imagination, its provocative transitions continue to be felt boldly. The past hours have created a strong character and achieved its goal by performing a professional experiment on your skin.


In each fragrance design of the perfumer, you actually wear the mask of the claim you want to experience at every moment. In the wonderful aroma of nature, we have mysterious transitions that affect humanity, which we sometimes even imitate. We carry the wonderful scent of musk on our bodies in the city. Or we borrow the identity of nature's predator on special nights with a leather scent mixture. Noir design fragrances take this perfect scent exchange to the top by creating the luxurious content of nature in the body.

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  • Earthy Animalic Woody White Floral - Pear, Bergamot, Tuberose, Orange Flower, Jasmine Sambac, Patchouli, Vanilla, Ambroxan, Vetiver

It is suitable for a private indoor area and for time spent outdoors. It is designed for use from noon hours. You can enjoy using it in autumn and winter and let your perfume rest when you move into summer. Gift Suggestion: This is a characteristic gift suggestion for those who are unusual, assertive, attract attention to interesting details, and like to try different and strong styles.

Floral powdered beginnings create a romantic fiction. The perfume you spray on your legs will allow you to easily convey this romantic stance to those around you.

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